Daylily is the common name for the genus Hemerocallis. Daylilies are perennial plants that will flower during the late spring and summer. There are many different varieties and colors that provide a rainbow of color in the garden. Each plant will send up flower stalks with many flower buds on each stalk. The term daylily comes from the fact that each flower only last one day but a plant can have many flower buds that will continue to bloom for weeks. The daylily is often called the perfect perennial because of its variety of colors, drought tolerance, and ability to survive in many different climate zones.

Daylilies will grow into large clumps that can be dug and divided. This allows you to establish plantings in new areas in your garden or give plants to friends or neighbors. The best time to dig and divide the plants are early spring of in the fall. For the people that say I have a hard time getting my plants to live give daylilies a try. Being drought tolerant and a low maintenance plant you will have great color in your garden to enjoy.